So it begins, I’ve begun my pre-Easter holidays, however my vacation is now to be a staycation courtesy of COVID-19. I’ve just wrapped up my second week working from home, and this week the rest of the office joined me along with a majority of the university I work for; only essential face-to-face roles or... Continue Reading →

Week one: Working from home

Working from home has always been my utopia, I think because it appealed to me the idea of not having to drive to work and search for parking, and I could wear whatever I wanted. Well, the commute was rather crap to be honest, getting out of bed and walking to my desk took maybe... Continue Reading →

Working from home

This week I’ve started working from home full-time due to Covid-19, primarily to minimise my chances of exposure within the workplace should it occur. We were quite fortunate last year when our workplace made the decision to move to Microsoft Teams for telephony, little did they know then how smart a decision that would end... Continue Reading →

Setting up my new rig

In preparation for working from home this coming Monday, a Covid-19 precaution, I decided I would (finally) replace my hutch desk that I’d purchased as a relatively new staff member back in 2001. It still functions perfectly, though it hasn’t sorted my needs for some time. The hutch was truly designed for just a single... Continue Reading →

Heading home to work, for now

In late 2018, I had viruses attacking my lungs, the result was scarring and a partially collapsed left lung. Ever since Then I have continued to battle with issues, varying dependant upon the weather. With Coronavirus looming large I was amongst those who was at increased risk due to respiratory issues. My employer has been... Continue Reading →

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