5-Day Lockdown

Yesterday, I headed to my sister’s home to celebrate my nephew’s fourth birthday. A small get together with just family members, he enjoyed receiving another lot of gifts so soon after Christmas. As I was most the way home I received a call from my housemate asking where I was, my immediate thoughts were there... Continue Reading →

COVID & WFH: Will this drive change?

In Australia, working from home is a relatively new concept within the workplace. It’d be fair to say employers view the concept likely view the concept of their employees working from home with a measure of distrust, concerned they might not undertake their duties as fully as if at work. Then came COVID, and suddenly... Continue Reading →

Call to see the doc

I’m thinking for many of us that 2020 is looking like being a less than stellar year. For some it has led to fear and uncertainty about their employment, or perhaps a business they own and those they employ within. For others, COVID-19 has been a diagnosis directly impacting upon their health, or worse still,... Continue Reading →

Where’d the time go?

I knew it had been more than a few weeks since I’d started working from home, but when I asked the Google gods how long it was since March 23 I was not prepared for 9 weeks. Wow! Where did that time go? I know since working from home slowly but surely I have noticed... Continue Reading →

Do you get more done from home?

Working from home takes being disciplined in order to ensure your output is at least that you would expect when in the office. If you’re disciplined, finding your flow won’t take long and indeed you may find the lack of distractions allows for increased productivity. In online meetings our team has had in recent weeks... Continue Reading →

Remembering to move; Stretching

I’ve been working from home now for weeks, with this cane a definite change in how my work day panned out. At work my day would involve occasional meetings, getting up from the desk to make a coffee or to assist members of the office with problems they might be experiencing. Since working from home,... Continue Reading →

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