Solid month’s rain

July has been one wet month here in Perth, in all we’ve had 28 of 31 days rained out, 11 more than usual. We’ve also had quite a few blustery days with winds up to 110km/h, I’ve looked for Todo and those red slippers on a few occasions. I’m seriously hoping August proves a little... Continue Reading →

Weather gods laugh at me

Without fail, every time it seems I book leave the weather turns and my plans to exercise are turned upon their head. I have this Thursday and Friday booked off and was looking forward to a few days of long walks following some particularly heavy rain having kept me indoors. So, I thought it worth... Continue Reading →

Summer chillin’

Live in Perth long enough and you experience summer heat. We’re not the hottest place on earth, for sure, but it’s easy to imagine hell might be cooler some days. I recall as a teenager walking in the country town of Narrogin one day, one super hot day that is, just 47 degrees (116.6F) and... Continue Reading →

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