Linux upgrades

Every so often our operating systems get an upgrade released, be they minor or full upgrade. Commercial operating systems like Windows and macOS have polished GUI interfaces to support this process, and support upgrading across multiple versions. Then there’s Linux. The past two days I’ve upgraded both Ubuntu and Kali Linux to their latest release... Continue Reading →

Just turn it off

Oh the frustration of using an Azure Labs virtual environment. Firstly, it takes about five minutes to spin up your environment before you can begin remoting to your space. Then, it’s slower than a wet week and your virtual machines run in Windows that are clearly based upon vga monitors; yuck! I have been working... Continue Reading →

Lipstick won’t change the pig

Started my next unit in the Masters degree yesterday, thus focusing on network security. They’ve asked that we use not only the standard Kali Linux used by cyber security professionals but also Ubuntu. I’m curious the latter given it’s just another Linux variant, but guess I’ll learn why as we go along. What immediately struck... Continue Reading →

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