Fitness+ workout

Apple has today launched Fitness+ with the launch of updated versions of iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and watchOS. I’d updated all except my watch when I went to access Fitness+ on one of my Apple TV boxes, it requested which watch I was wanting to work with, after which it insisted I needed the latest to... Continue Reading →

iPhone weirdness

In the past my iPhone has always had the odd issue when connecting to my Mazda CX-5 via Bluetooth, however it was always temporary and a restart or reconnection with the car resolved and streaming resumed. Since more recent releases of iOS 13 were installed my iPhone will play one day, experience an issue the... Continue Reading →

Apple TV+delay

The streaming landscape has transformed from few to the many over the past few years, and that’s just here in the land Down Under. Discussions at work centre not around adding the latest service to be offered but rather which is offering sufficient content to justify retaining their subscription. With my recent upgrade to the... Continue Reading →

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