Bali sunrise

It’s as well I’m a morning person, typically up before the sparrow farts as they say. My room here at the Grand Mirage Resort in Bali has an ocean view, so I’ve been fortunate to enjoy a few sunrises since arriving Monday. This morning’s sunrise was quite lovely and I sat there till the sun... Continue Reading →

Day 1 in Bali: Comedy of Errors

My day got off to an early start, up at 2am to allow me sufficient time to finalise packing, shower and drive to the airport. All went smoothly here, though I discovered in the two years since my last trip the government had been busy, there was this new interchange to confuse how you continued... Continue Reading →

Planning travel

When travelling do you plan things or do you mostly just wing it? I'm a planner but live with someone who typically will only plan where she's staying the first few days then afterwards it's flexible. For me, depending on my trip I may end up planning the holiday week in advance researching venues and... Continue Reading →

Past lessons in travel

In the past I had relied solely upon advice of travel agents for my overseas travel, especially for more complex itineraries. When travelling to Canada in 2011, my hotel stay in Vancouver was being booked, and for all intensive purposes that which was booked looked great. Had I not had access to TripAdvisor and people's... Continue Reading →

Ready to recharge

My end of work year fast approaches, with Friday this week the beginning of just over four weeks away from the office, the longest since starting nearly 22 years ago. Determined not to sit around the house I hit travel booking sites for ideas on short escapes. Initially I was looking at a return to... Continue Reading →

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