Rethinking training materials

When I joined our team they had ceased offering face-to-face training for our research systems as take up was apparently not that great. Instead, training was offered in the form of guides and cheat sheets. My contribution to this was to divide and conquer. I noticed the same content was appearing across multiple of these... Continue Reading →

Like a deer in the headlights

As I sat in a meeting this afternoon and explained the process for styling a web page table within our WebCMS there wasn’t yet an understanding I was explaining for their benefit. Then came the question was I going to do this for them to which their supervisor explained they’d be required to do this.... Continue Reading →

Training in touch

This morning, first day of my staycation, I joined a colleague in one of the schools I support after hours in a three hour training session to learn how we use BrightAuthor. Both Jenni and I will be supporting a range of touch screens that have gone into a new building on campus, though we... Continue Reading →

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