Just cheat

When commencing studies you’re required to undertake academic integrity awareness training to not only ensure you are aware of what this is, but to also provide the institution with sign off you agree to abide by these principles. I recall when I first began working at a university in the late 1990s one academic started... Continue Reading →

A fork in the road

What a week. Sunday I awoke to a recurrence of a back injury that has seen me bed ridden most of the week, unable to stand comfortably without a great deal of pain, and when I did move about the house I resembled the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I returned to work this morning for... Continue Reading →

Study holiday

I had a week’s long service this week and nothing planned, other than my official starting of the Graduate Diploma studies. I hadn’t been away for a few years, so I figured why not. I could take one of my laptops and just study whilst away. It ended up being more study and not a... Continue Reading →

Developing a brew

It's been a while since I last coded Java, though when last I developed I'd not learned formally but rather wrangled code together by reading websites and coding as I went. I never was taught object oriented programming, so it was also new to me too. Though the app I developed functioned back then, it... Continue Reading →

Resuming study next month

Last year I returned to formal study after around 25 years since completing my Bachelors degree studies. Much had changed since those days, back 'in the old days', my lecture notes would appear on the intranet 2 weeks after our lecture had occurred -- groundbreaking. Online study was nowhere to be seen back then, and... Continue Reading →

The good and the annoying

The day started with great news, a letter from my university advising I had completed my Graduate Diploma studies. I have been waiting for this to come through as well as my grades sheet so I could apply to another university to undertake a second Graduate Diploma. Anxious to get things underway and apply I... Continue Reading →

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