How long is a piece of string?

Today I’ve been writing the first assessment in the fourth unit in my cyber security Masters. I was being ever so lazy, in part due to my having an injured right arm now, so sitting at the desk is less comfortable, so decided to lay in bed and write. Last year, I bought myself a... Continue Reading →

You look stressed

Six weeks ago, I think, I injured my right arm when I mistook being on the final step but was one short. I quickly grabbed the rail and just laughed it off, telling myself off for being such a nob. Little did I know at the time that I had just injured my arm, though... Continue Reading →

Spielberg’s job’s safe

Little did I expect when signing up for a cyber security masters degree that I’d be editing video at some point for an assignment submission, but low and behold I have. I want to assure the likes of Spielberg that their jobs remain safe, I’m neither director nor editor. Like many who might come across... Continue Reading →

Boom. Bang!

These days it’s work, study, sleep, there’s not really much time left for anything else. I certainly hasn’t expected it to be quite so busy, most nights I’m up studying until 10pm, which is starting to take its toll, the past month I’ve had lasting headaches, even a migraine recently too. I recently went for... Continue Reading →

Planning to the nth

Having determined I might study a Masters of Cyber Security I set to task the evening to determine whether I might be able to undertake this study as planned, taking several days long service leave each week to dedicate to study. My plan initially has been that I might have Thursdays and Fridays over the... Continue Reading →

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