Ever since my early twenties I’ve had issues with sleep, with doctors using a variety of methods to assist, including diet and exercise to little avail. Recently, I bought Apple’s latest release Apple Watch, the series 8, for its sleep tracking abilities. For the past month I’ve been tracking sleep with the Watch and utilising... Continue Reading →

Mind the fog

Ever awoken from a night's sleep only to realise you could do with a night's sleep? I certainly have, and on many occasions. Poor quality sleep has impacted upon me for almost 30 years now. When first I consulted a GP about sleep issues as a student he had me try certain diet-related changes to... Continue Reading →

Just a gram of energy

This past weekend was an interesting one, not for what I did but rather because I lacked the energy to do much of anything. It’s not the only weekend I’ve been robbed of energy, though it was worse than others. I’d gone shopping to Kmart, friends don’t die of shock, getting an iron and board... Continue Reading →

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