Which way forward?

Search as I might I have yet to find a solution that doesn’t require me to develop an application myself for what I would have thought something rather simple. With my studies came developing a raft of terminology that is useful to keep abreast of throughout my course. The problem, this is only going to... Continue Reading →

All went black

Fridays I work from home and also meet via Microsoft Teams with my Supervisor. Typically, all goes well and the hour we have set aside isn’t actually required, then there was this Friday where nothing went to plan. Our meeting started as normal, though a tad later. As we got to talking about various things... Continue Reading →

Old is new

At work I'd been using a leased Dell laptop since 2017, running Windows 10 with a touch screen it hadn't been too bad a machine for a non-Mac, but with time it began to suffer that usual Windows performance degradation issue associated with patching and general use. When I one-time owned PCs I'd get around... Continue Reading →

macOS Big Sur

Finally, after 19 years, macOS (X) grows up and will move from version 10.x to version 11.0. I do wonder why Apple took quite so long to graduate their operating system when so much has happened since its original release. Big Sur certainly goes further towards blurring the lines between iOS/iPadOS and macOS. This release... Continue Reading →

Outlook parity on Mac?

My poor work PC, it’s around three years old now and really showing it’s age. Connect a 4K monitor plus 24 inch to it and it’s struggling mightily; excel is grinding to a halt, second monitor can’t display in full colour and working on it is painful. Enter my MacBook Pro. It’s older, late-2015 model,... Continue Reading →

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