The rebuild begins

Nervously tonight I bit the bullet and told macOS to erase all content and settings, take me back to factory settings. A minor hiccup came in the form of Find My not having updated to the alternate email address, so I had to first sign it of iCloud before macOS would start the process. I... Continue Reading →

Do I? Don’t I?

I keep apps installed on my devices updated regularly, so was recently trying to check whether Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro had an update, it has been a while since their last update, which was rather unusual. Selecting Check for Updates from the menu I’d expectation dialog showing me it doing so, with notification a... Continue Reading →

Firewalls, to your corners!

The frustrations I was having following recent changes to my internet security suites have finally been resolved, dueling firewalls. The built-in firewall with macOS continued to run, whilst the new firewall within McAfee was also attempting to firewall connections on my MacBook Pro. I'm a touch surprised that McAfee as part of its setup never... Continue Reading →

Lipstick won’t change the pig

Started my next unit in the Masters degree yesterday, thus focusing on network security. They’ve asked that we use not only the standard Kali Linux used by cyber security professionals but also Ubuntu. I’m curious the latter given it’s just another Linux variant, but guess I’ll learn why as we go along. What immediately struck... Continue Reading →

The long update

As a geek having the latest and greatest gadgets and tech is always top of mind. Ensuring your computers and devices are kept up to date with all their patches is part of the fun, especially if you’re a Windows user, I believe for them it comes in the form of a Neverending Story (or... Continue Reading →

Which way forward?

Search as I might I have yet to find a solution that doesn’t require me to develop an application myself for what I would have thought something rather simple. With my studies came developing a raft of terminology that is useful to keep abreast of throughout my course. The problem, this is only going to... Continue Reading →

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