How long is a piece of string?

Today I’ve been writing the first assessment in the fourth unit in my cyber security Masters. I was being ever so lazy, in part due to my having an injured right arm now, so sitting at the desk is less comfortable, so decided to lay in bed and write. Last year, I bought myself a... Continue Reading →

Old is new

At work I'd been using a leased Dell laptop since 2017, running Windows 10 with a touch screen it hadn't been too bad a machine for a non-Mac, but with time it began to suffer that usual Windows performance degradation issue associated with patching and general use. When I one-time owned PCs I'd get around... Continue Reading →

Docking my Mac

Today, I finally headed to JB HiFi to purchase a mini docking station for my MacBook Pro that might allow me to hook both external monitors up. I've had this with my work Dell laptop since working from home, however it's one sluggish beast, especially this past week I've noticed when working on spreadsheets, it... Continue Reading →

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