The rebuild begins

Nervously tonight I bit the bullet and told macOS to erase all content and settings, take me back to factory settings. A minor hiccup came in the form of Find My not having updated to the alternate email address, so I had to first sign it of iCloud before macOS would start the process. I... Continue Reading →

The good and the annoying

The day started with great news, a letter from my university advising I had completed my Graduate Diploma studies. I have been waiting for this to come through as well as my grades sheet so I could apply to another university to undertake a second Graduate Diploma. Anxious to get things underway and apply I... Continue Reading →

Pondering Apple

I lay here early on Saturday morning, a chilly morning persuading me to delay the mornings long walk, and am thinking back to Apple’s announcement it’s migrating to ARM-based computers over the next few years; a funny thing to do given it’s only 3am I know. Have they shot themselves in the foot by announcing... Continue Reading →

Hooking up the Mac

This morning I connected my MacBook Pro to the new 4K monitor for the first time, but all remained lights-out. I was connecting using HDMI with an adaptor I've used on an older Samsung monitor, albeit at considerably lower resolution. Clearly this adaptor did not like all the pixels it was being asked to churn,... Continue Reading →

Podcasts app awry

After returning from Bali, where I'd just relaxed and my exercise had been getting out of bed, walking to Starbucks and requesting one of the varieties of Frappuccino, sitting and reading my book a bit, then walking the half kilometre back to my room again; it was a lazy ass holiday. My return to Perth... Continue Reading →

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