An Apple a day

So, I relented and upgraded today from the iPhone 12 Pro Max to the iPhone 14 Pro, electing to go with a smaller phone both because it was available and because I felt I could cope with the smaller form factor. What a frustrating upgrade! When I last upgraded it went particularly smoothly, only delayed... Continue Reading →

Forget, me, I’m hoping not

Heaven help me, I just don't seem capable to remembering to take my Staff ID card out of a jacket pocket and put it back into my back or wallet. About six weeks ago I thought it had fallen out of a pocket when leaving work, I only discovered this of course on Monday the... Continue Reading →

Pixel resale value

Typically when upgrading to a next generation device I’ll list my old device on eBay to recoup some of my cost. Generally, I’ve found with iPhones despite their being two years old when being sold I get over 50% their original purchase cost. In February, I purchased the Google Pixel 6 as I was getting... Continue Reading →

Apple Podcasts

Stop. Play. Stop again. Play. Stop again. Play. Stop again. Arrrgh, Apple, I just wish to listen to my music podcasts, but you deny my a constant stream of late. The Apple Podcast app for some reason this past week seems to be running in a shared 56k modem, worldwide. I tried to get around... Continue Reading →

Everything old is new again

I decided to try Android after frustration with iOS, particularly with autocorrect. Nothing has changed there, however, I have given Google Pixel a go and it too has its sore points for me. I do wonder if i had have invested a few hundred extra for the Samsung Galaxy S series phone whether my experience... Continue Reading →

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