Shortcuts got cooler

How did I miss the news that Shortcuts got beefed up? I decided to fire up my favourite little iOS tool (and still hoping Apple ports to macOS ASAP!), and before my now wide blue eyes was something entirely new, Automation. Say what? This geek just died and went to heaven. Not only does Apple... Continue Reading →

iPadOS 14 beta testing

Just finished installing iPadOS 14 public beta on my iPad Pro, and I'm just testing writing this article using the scribble feature and the wordpress app. Scribble works nicely and is quite responsive, however it does take some getting used to. Firstly, it must get used to my handwriting, then it occasionally makes a mistake... Continue Reading →

WWDC 2020

For several years now there’s been rumours Apple might move its computers to ARM chips of its own design, moving away from Intel, at WWDC 2020 it actually announced a two year migration strategy to do so. I didn’t own a Mac at the time they migrated from PowerPC to Intel processors, though I was... Continue Reading →

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