Ohh, pen on iPad

I've been using the new Surface a lot recently, assignments necessitating its use. I have been trying to improve my ability to get the Surface to recognise my handwriting, however, it always seems to rush recognition and I am forever having to fix things up. That said, I am improving with time and getting used... Continue Reading →

Contrasting two platforms

I’d never used a Surface computer till buying one recently, though had read Microsoft touting it as better than the iPad, so thought I’d contrast the two as someone who owns each platform. Handwriting - hands down the iPad Pro is a much better experience for me here, I have tried handwriting using my own... Continue Reading →

Keyboard enhances iPad

I resisted getting a keyboard for my iPad Pro for a long time, and probably would continue to have resisted were I not commenting a Masters degree next year. My desire not to lug around a heavy, bulky laptop inspired the search for keyboard options. Ultimately I was driven towards Apple’s options, the Smart Keyboard... Continue Reading →

Study Smart

Do I buy a new MacBook Pro with M1? Or do I wait and see where Apple takes future releases of their Apple Silicon chips? My current MacBook Pro (late-2016) is still rather zippy, however its storage capacity is somewhat lacking as I only bought the 512GB version. It is tempting to upgrade as the... Continue Reading →

Pondering Apple

I lay here early on Saturday morning, a chilly morning persuading me to delay the mornings long walk, and am thinking back to Apple’s announcement it’s migrating to ARM-based computers over the next few years; a funny thing to do given it’s only 3am I know. Have they shot themselves in the foot by announcing... Continue Reading →

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