App Clips: First exposure

Surfing Twitter this morning I saw a tweet from Mac Rumours about a game Phoenix 2 that was leveraging iOS 14’s new App Clips feature to give users a preview of their game. I’ve been curious to see how App Clips worked so headed over to the Phoenix 2 website to experience first-hand. Upon visiting... Continue Reading →

Shortcuts got cooler

How did I miss the news that Shortcuts got beefed up? I decided to fire up my favourite little iOS tool (and still hoping Apple ports to macOS ASAP!), and before my now wide blue eyes was something entirely new, Automation. Say what? This geek just died and went to heaven. Not only does Apple... Continue Reading →

iOS 14 Public Beta

Apple has today released three public beta of iOS 14 beta 2. I had powered up my spare iPhone, an iPhone X I hadn’t on sold, unusual for me. I have to say my initial impressions of this first public beta is positive. Widgets, whilst consuming space on our Home Screen, can be useful. As... Continue Reading →

Pondering Apple

I lay here early on Saturday morning, a chilly morning persuading me to delay the mornings long walk, and am thinking back to Apple’s announcement it’s migrating to ARM-based computers over the next few years; a funny thing to do given it’s only 3am I know. Have they shot themselves in the foot by announcing... Continue Reading →

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