After being wedged into an MRI recently to discover why my right arm wasn’t improving any we finally got answers, a frozen shoulder, plus other medico terms rattled off well over this geeks head. What was interesting was the MRI revealing in the past I had had a dislocation. What the! The only possibility is... Continue Reading →

Tearing strips

I finally gave up, after weeks of increasing discomfort with my right arm, I booked in to see my physiotherapist to get some relief. He confirmed I had injured myself at work, stupidly, when on the stairs, and had developed bursitis and a rotator cuff injury. After deep tissue massage he tapped me up with... Continue Reading →

Over correcting my posture

I enjoy walking distance, though have found in recent times my posture has been causing me issues. I was finding around halfway into my walk I would start to experience discomfort in my upper back, and try as I might stretches to try and alleviate just didn’t work. I was still receiving physiotherapy following reoccurrence... Continue Reading →

Back up

How I wish I could have changed that day we went to the vets in 2006. We were about to leave with our dog, just paying the bill, I went to take the dog outside, my hand looped in his lead, I open the door when he tears out the door sharply jolting my body... Continue Reading →

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