2020 gives again

It certainly is the year that just keeps on giving. Whilst not COVID, cancer has decided to visit my mother once again. In the late 90’s she was out shopping, buying food for my birthday, when suddenly pain struck and she was rushed to the local hospital. Wells later, at a bigger hospital they thought... Continue Reading →

Mind the fog

Ever awoken from a night's sleep only to realise you could do with a night's sleep? I certainly have, and on many occasions. Poor quality sleep has impacted upon me for almost 30 years now. When first I consulted a GP about sleep issues as a student he had me try certain diet-related changes to... Continue Reading →

Call to see the doc

I’m thinking for many of us that 2020 is looking like being a less than stellar year. For some it has led to fear and uncertainty about their employment, or perhaps a business they own and those they employ within. For others, COVID-19 has been a diagnosis directly impacting upon their health, or worse still,... Continue Reading →


There's no denying it, Coronavirus has this world in the palm of its hand, or is it now elbows? Quickly it has spread and there's nary a country on this planet that can claim to be unaffected. It is (somewhat) interesting to watch how this has spread so quickly from being a China issue to... Continue Reading →

Green smoothie, yum

I’ve always wanted to try a green smoothie, however there’s not terribly many venues that serve these where I live, though hot chips and pizza you’ll find plenty. Recently I discovered the Health Freak Cafe in my favourite shopping centre, I’d pretty much ignored them as most dishes hadn’t appealed to me, but my increased... Continue Reading →

12-Weeks to new routines

This morning my Apple Watch buzzed at 4am alerting me to the fact that day one of my 12-week exercise program had kicked off. I decided last week to sign up to Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation program (12WBT) as I was looking to develop a healthy exercise and nutrition routine. Whilst I generally... Continue Reading →

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