Day one in Dunsborough, Western Australia

Hi-Fibre, Zero Taste

From today I’m on a special diet till Thursday in prep for a medical procedure. They’ve specified foods I must not eat beforehand, and some I am approved to eat, which includes white bread. Typically I buy a dark German Rye bread from my local supermarket, it has this malty flavour to it, especially on... Continue Reading →

Lactose-free learning curve

Until now, I never truly had an understanding of the impact of not being able to consume something. The only thing I’d grown up being allergic to was something called Perkin’s Paste, no idea what it is as I was 4 years old the last I recall seeing it. Now, being either dairy or lactose... Continue Reading →

Green smoothie, yum

I’ve always wanted to try a green smoothie, however there’s not terribly many venues that serve these where I live, though hot chips and pizza you’ll find plenty. Recently I discovered the Health Freak Cafe in my favourite shopping centre, I’d pretty much ignored them as most dishes hadn’t appealed to me, but my increased... Continue Reading →

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