Gym Video Glasses

Up until I’d signed up to Apple’s Fitness+ service I’d never attended a gym class, the thought of this uncoordinated individual jumping, dropping to the floor or trying to squat was just not something that appealed to me; I’m my own worst enemy, I know. Since Tuesday’s launch last week I have enjoyed partaking in... Continue Reading →

Fitness+ workout

Apple has today launched Fitness+ with the launch of updated versions of iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and watchOS. I’d updated all except my watch when I went to access Fitness+ on one of my Apple TV boxes, it requested which watch I was wanting to work with, after which it insisted I needed the latest to... Continue Reading →

Weather gods laugh at me

Without fail, every time it seems I book leave the weather turns and my plans to exercise are turned upon their head. I have this Thursday and Friday booked off and was looking forward to a few days of long walks following some particularly heavy rain having kept me indoors. So, I thought it worth... Continue Reading →

Do you get more done from home?

Working from home takes being disciplined in order to ensure your output is at least that you would expect when in the office. If you’re disciplined, finding your flow won’t take long and indeed you may find the lack of distractions allows for increased productivity. In online meetings our team has had in recent weeks... Continue Reading →

Remembering to move; Stretching

I’ve been working from home now for weeks, with this cane a definite change in how my work day panned out. At work my day would involve occasional meetings, getting up from the desk to make a coffee or to assist members of the office with problems they might be experiencing. Since working from home,... Continue Reading →

Stepping up: muscles say “hi”

My 12WBT exercises amped up slightly last week, having to jog a little longer than I did the week before. For someone not attuned to jogging whatsoever it has been an effort doing so, though I have managed to maintain that required of me thus far. Last weekend I headed off to Kmart and purchased... Continue Reading →

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