State goes into lock down

Today has been one of announcements as Australia really starts to appreciate the seriousness of Covid-19. Earlier, my state of Western Australia and several other states elected to close their borders to non-essential travel in a bid to help quell the increase in numbers of cases. Tonight, following a meeting of the National Council, the... Continue Reading →

Our grandparents might advise us

With the spread of Coronavirus outside of China we started seeing the first vestiges of peoples panic buying; initially toilet paper, rice, pasta and pasta sauce. As weeks went on, and numbers in Australia rose into several hundred rabid shopping spread to include cereals, breads, all meats (except plant-based alternatives which clearly no one wants)... Continue Reading →

Is self-isolating enough?

Coronavirus cases here in Australia are still relatively low, though they say our trajectory is still inline with those of other countries like Italy that didn't react early and saw numbers grow exponentially; 33 percent growth day-upon-day. Our reliance upon self-isolation is unavoidable, however it also relies upon individuals not being selfish in their isolation,... Continue Reading →


There's no denying it, Coronavirus has this world in the palm of its hand, or is it now elbows? Quickly it has spread and there's nary a country on this planet that can claim to be unaffected. It is (somewhat) interesting to watch how this has spread so quickly from being a China issue to... Continue Reading →

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