Where’s the chocolate?

At lunch I was on my bed performing the physio exercises when my back suddenly made a clicking sound, seconds later my lower left leg from the ankle down began experiencing pins and needles. Within a few minutes that had passed and after a while I was back at my desk working away once more.... Continue Reading →

The corporate shave

So I have a slight sweet tooth (a lie, it’s huge) and hit the local supermarket for the latest choc quick fix. I hit the chocolate aisle and was greeted by Cadbury’s latest attempt to con us into paying the same for less, something that vendors have been doing across multiple product lines for years.... Continue Reading →

Walking off Easter

How was Easter for you? Did you chocolate too excess as I did? I managed three hazelnut Lindt bunnies, two milk chocolate Lindt bunnies and a Ferrero Rocher squirrel, all this in just one week, oh my. I did show at least some restraint in that I didn’t have a single hot cross bun this... Continue Reading →

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