Going tech for sun

Maybe it’s me as I’m not one for the beaches, but whenever I head to hotter climates for holidays I always end up looking like that fresh cooked lobster, rather red. I always have the sunblock in my bag, but forget to apply it regularly enough so as to be effective. So, as I get... Continue Reading →

Work unplugged

It felt as if it may never arrive, when suddenly I was shutting down my work PC and saying "see y'all" next month. Though in reality I am dropping back on the 18th as a friend in the office is having a morning tea as she's pregnant and about to head off for a year's... Continue Reading →

Ready to recharge

My end of work year fast approaches, with Friday this week the beginning of just over four weeks away from the office, the longest since starting nearly 22 years ago. Determined not to sit around the house I hit travel booking sites for ideas on short escapes. Initially I was looking at a return to... Continue Reading →

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