Profits before users

Recently in Australia our second largest telco, Optus, was subject to a major hack in which the data of over 10 million of its customers was stolen by hackers and ransom demanded to prevent its sale on the dark web. It has been reported the company has several years ago complained that the cost of... Continue Reading →

Hoping for change

Today Australia votes for who it wishes to govern the nation. The Liberal / National coalition has governed several terms now and steered us through a difficult few years with the pandemic, however, I feel is looking tired. Though I more commonly vote for the Liberal party I wouldn’t say I’m aligned to them. I... Continue Reading →

Facebook greed

In Australia it has been proposed that companies like Google and Facebook that re-use and share news media content should pay for that. There has been some push back, though earlier this week Google announced a deal in which it would pay for content produced by the 7News group of companies. It was good to... Continue Reading →

Slowly, opening up

The island state of Western Australia looks to be opening up after almost eight months closed due to COVID-19. Whilst we’ve fared so much better than others around the world, we’ve taken a more hardline stance to protect ourselves which has actually seen our economy the strongest in the nation. Today, our premier announced we’re... Continue Reading →

State goes into lock down

Today has been one of announcements as Australia really starts to appreciate the seriousness of Covid-19. Earlier, my state of Western Australia and several other states elected to close their borders to non-essential travel in a bid to help quell the increase in numbers of cases. Tonight, following a meeting of the National Council, the... Continue Reading →

Australia burns

Bushfires and summer go hand-in-hand, it's a sad fact of life. Unfortunately there are also those who seek to create these fires, enjoying watching that which they set alight, often volunteering with the very services that seek to extinguish the flames. Sadly, here in Australia bushfires have been ravaging the country since September, the staggering... Continue Reading →

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