The lock in

Having bitten the bullet and switched to Android for my mobile phone it is now I am noticing just how much I am locked into the Apple ecosystem. This came as I went to download an iCloud app from the Google Play store so that I might upload and download files at will, much as... Continue Reading →

Where’s my keys? Again!

The Apple AirTag arrived today, my keys are doomed to never again be lost in pants pockets or a jacket somewhere. As a prelude to its arrival the keys were lost for a couple of minutes on Tuesday, a future reason for the Find My app to save me ages hunting. Testing the Find My... Continue Reading →

The iOS update that wouldn’t

Have you tried updating your iPhone from iOS 14.5 to 14.5.1? Typically an easy process via software update, though for some like myself today it looked like the video shown below: Update request to iOS 14.5.1 this morning didn’t present normally on my iPhone 12 Pro Max Unlike normal updates, information didn’t present and the... Continue Reading →

Tag. Where is it?

Are you like me and occasionally forget to take your keys out of your pants / jacket when your get home, hang them up or put them in the wash basket and the next day spend ten minutes trying to find where you left your keys. Thankfully, these such situations are infrequent, but do occur.... Continue Reading →

Gym Video Glasses

Up until I’d signed up to Apple’s Fitness+ service I’d never attended a gym class, the thought of this uncoordinated individual jumping, dropping to the floor or trying to squat was just not something that appealed to me; I’m my own worst enemy, I know. Since Tuesday’s launch last week I have enjoyed partaking in... Continue Reading →

Pump up the music

I’d never seen the original HomePod except in online posts, it’s cost was quite a turn off to my considering its purchase frankly. So, when Apple announced its baby brother, the HomePod Mini, I was more interested as the price was much better. Given the difficulty at present trying to secure one of these devices... Continue Reading →

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