Defending Jacob

Just finished watching Chris Evans’ Defending Jacob on Apple TV, certainly one of the best offerings available on the service. It revolves around the murder of a high school student which comes to be blamed upon the son of Evans’ character, who does everything to not help himself throughout the eight episode season. The first... Continue Reading →

Will Apple TV devices survive?

This week I purchased a new Samsung 4K Smart TV that includes Apple’s AirPlay 2 and Apple TV app. When purchasing my tv I thought I was only going to get the ability to stream content from my Apple devices to the TV, nifty I thought, however upon turning on the TV I noticed there... Continue Reading →

Morning Wars/The Morning Show

This morning I managed to finish the first season on Apple TV+ series, Morning Wars/The Morning Show. This series tracks the sexual misconduct of co-anchor Mitch Kessler, who has treated female staff within UBA as being their for his sexual satisfaction. His female co-anchor Alex Levy, played by Jennifer Aniston, seemingly unaware of his behaviour... Continue Reading →

Apple TV+delay

The streaming landscape has transformed from few to the many over the past few years, and that’s just here in the land Down Under. Discussions at work centre not around adding the latest service to be offered but rather which is offering sufficient content to justify retaining their subscription. With my recent upgrade to the... Continue Reading →

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