Mobile spam needs improving

No matter which platform we use, be it Android or iOS, spam on our mobile devices is an increasing problem. We are all used now to emails flooding it inboxes from spammers, though their methods have become increasingly more advanced to the point added investigation is mandated to ensure sources are validated and content safe... Continue Reading →

Everything old is new again

I decided to try Android after frustration with iOS, particularly with autocorrect. Nothing has changed there, however, I have given Google Pixel a go and it too has its sore points for me. I do wonder if i had have invested a few hundred extra for the Samsung Galaxy S series phone whether my experience... Continue Reading →

G? Why?

When buying my Google Pixel last month I also got one of Google’s standard cases to protect the phone. It is nothing to write home about to be sure but gets the job done. I was surfing the web the other day when I saw a Pixel case from Belroy, a brand I was familiar... Continue Reading →

Overly notified?!

With swapping to Android recently all notification settings I'd enjoyed on iOS vaporised and I was back to square one once more. Now, I blinked, apps would notify if someone opened their car doors, I really didn't care. Today, I went to get something at the shops, no sooner had I started the car and... Continue Reading →

Why the long text?

My Little sister, now 35, hasn't texted in a week, a long stretch for us, so I thought perhaps she had been ill again. Then finally I got a text and it was our usual back and forth chatter. Then part way through a series of four smaller texts all doing she couldn't send a... Continue Reading →

The lock in

Having bitten the bullet and switched to Android for my mobile phone it is now I am noticing just how much I am locked into the Apple ecosystem. This came as I went to download an iCloud app from the Google Play store so that I might upload and download files at will, much as... Continue Reading →

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