Poorly implemented redesigns

Many of us have been to a website that may have had a reasonable design only to return later on to find they’ve implemented a change and wondered: what were they thinking? Sometimes that redesign might be purely visual, other times functional, then there’s the choice to introduce paid content within the page without really... Continue Reading →

Time for a rebrand?

So I’m up early this morning, can’t sleep, and decide I’ll see what others have posted on Facebook. Every third item is an ad. It honestly has me wondering, I’d it time Facebook underwent a rebrand and became adBook? It’s getting difficult to actually find our friends posts, not to mention their algorithm wants to... Continue Reading →

Netflix ads

It seems the streaming darling of ole, Netflix, is facing a bit too much competition of late and is starting to lose subscribers. That, and apparently people sharing their accounts with friends and family is impacting revenue growth resulting in a large hit to their share price. There had already been suggestion that Netflix was... Continue Reading →

“Hey Siri” I never said

Do you have an iPhone, iPad or perhaps HomePod that responds to “Hey Siri”? Or perhaps you’re sitting there and all of a sudden your device just out of the blue starts talking to you without said command. Seems to me that Siri is in need of some tweaking as she’s a tad overly sensitive,... Continue Reading →

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