Being timely; how might I?

I planned my latest assessment submission ahead of time in readiness to shoot the video and hopefully require little editing. How full of dream I was! The unedited video exceeded 40 minutes, with sections that were captured but automatically set as cut (video paused but keeps recording); my submission must be below 10 minutes. After... Continue Reading →

Just turn it off

Oh the frustration of using an Azure Labs virtual environment. Firstly, it takes about five minutes to spin up your environment before you can begin remoting to your space. Then, it’s slower than a wet week and your virtual machines run in Windows that are clearly based upon vga monitors; yuck! I have been working... Continue Reading →

Tearing strips

I finally gave up, after weeks of increasing discomfort with my right arm, I booked in to see my physiotherapist to get some relief. He confirmed I had injured myself at work, stupidly, when on the stairs, and had developed bursitis and a rotator cuff injury. After deep tissue massage he tapped me up with... Continue Reading →

You look stressed

Six weeks ago, I think, I injured my right arm when I mistook being on the final step but was one short. I quickly grabbed the rail and just laughed it off, telling myself off for being such a nob. Little did I know at the time that I had just injured my arm, though... Continue Reading →

Solid month’s rain

July has been one wet month here in Perth, in all we’ve had 28 of 31 days rained out, 11 more than usual. We’ve also had quite a few blustery days with winds up to 110km/h, I’ve looked for Todo and those red slippers on a few occasions. I’m seriously hoping August proves a little... Continue Reading →

Just this once

Not being able to eat somethings you once ate sucks, but those side effects you’d get if eaten outweigh desire, most times. Saturday, I decided to just give in, just this once, and buy a ham and cheese croissant. I’m reality, the only thing I might eat in this meal normally might be the ham.... Continue Reading →

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