Pixel resale value

Typically when upgrading to a next generation device I’ll list my old device on eBay to recoup some of my cost. Generally, I’ve found with iPhones despite their being two years old when being sold I get over 50% their original purchase cost. In February, I purchased the Google Pixel 6 as I was getting... Continue Reading →


Wifi signals and walls are never a great mix, are they. At home, our wifi router sits in the kitchen open area, whilst my bedroom sits at the front of the house with multiple brick walls in between to kindly lessen my signal strength. Ugh. As I say having a coffee and ham & cheese... Continue Reading →

Apple Podcasts

Stop. Play. Stop again. Play. Stop again. Play. Stop again. Arrrgh, Apple, I just wish to listen to my music podcasts, but you deny my a constant stream of late. The Apple Podcast app for some reason this past week seems to be running in a shared 56k modem, worldwide. I tried to get around... Continue Reading →

Study holiday

I had a week’s long service this week and nothing planned, other than my official starting of the Graduate Diploma studies. I hadn’t been away for a few years, so I figured why not. I could take one of my laptops and just study whilst away. It ended up being more study and not a... Continue Reading →

Developing a brew

It's been a while since I last coded Java, though when last I developed I'd not learned formally but rather wrangled code together by reading websites and coding as I went. I never was taught object oriented programming, so it was also new to me too. Though the app I developed functioned back then, it... Continue Reading →

Time for a rebrand?

So I’m up early this morning, can’t sleep, and decide I’ll see what others have posted on Facebook. Every third item is an ad. It honestly has me wondering, I’d it time Facebook underwent a rebrand and became adBook? It’s getting difficult to actually find our friends posts, not to mention their algorithm wants to... Continue Reading →

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