Day 2 in Bali: Spa, food and more food

Needless to say, my second day in Bali fared better than did my first, no messing up drivers today as none were involved. After breakfast was had, I headed off to the Thalasso spa on-site for the spa package treatment I’d booked last week. After completing all the paperwork, choosing which oil I preferred for... Continue Reading →

Day 1 in Bali: Comedy of Errors

My day got off to an early start, up at 2am to allow me sufficient time to finalise packing, shower and drive to the airport. All went smoothly here, though I discovered in the two years since my last trip the government had been busy, there was this new interchange to confuse how you continued... Continue Reading →

Going tech for sun

Maybe it’s me as I’m not one for the beaches, but whenever I head to hotter climates for holidays I always end up looking like that fresh cooked lobster, rather red. I always have the sunblock in my bag, but forget to apply it regularly enough so as to be effective. So, as I get... Continue Reading →

Work unplugged

It felt as if it may never arrive, when suddenly I was shutting down my work PC and saying "see y'all" next month. Though in reality I am dropping back on the 18th as a friend in the office is having a morning tea as she's pregnant and about to head off for a year's... Continue Reading →

Planning travel

When travelling do you plan things or do you mostly just wing it? I'm a planner but live with someone who typically will only plan where she's staying the first few days then afterwards it's flexible. For me, depending on my trip I may end up planning the holiday week in advance researching venues and... Continue Reading →

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