When do I LSL?

I’ve worked for the same organisation now just over twenty-two years, where has that time gone? In that time my long service leave has just banked up, I just never took any, never really knew what I wanted to do with it. Suddenly I had almost 25 weeks when work announced they needed to recalculate... Continue Reading →

Is self-isolating enough?

Coronavirus cases here in Australia are still relatively low, though they say our trajectory is still inline with those of other countries like Italy that didn't react early and saw numbers grow exponentially; 33 percent growth day-upon-day. Our reliance upon self-isolation is unavoidable, however it also relies upon individuals not being selfish in their isolation,... Continue Reading →

Will I make my flight?

You just cannot write this stuff. My pickup upon arriving in Bali was a comedy of errors, with my ending up with the wrong driver. I had thought my holiday back on track at that point, then Jetstar to the melting pot, or rather their pilots union if we are to truly lay the blame.... Continue Reading →

Returning to Perth, albeit early

I’m returning home to Perth today, a day ahead of my original schedule, due to Jetstar’s industrial action by pilots tomorrow. In the future I’ll avoid the airline and go with Singapore Airlines, a much better carrier. My final morning here, I awoke slightly later and missed the start of sunrise but did capture the... Continue Reading →

Day 3 in Bali: Sunrise and spa (again)

Bali has put on another wonderful golden sunrise this morning, the sky adorned with just the right amount of clouds to add interest. I’m returning to the Thalasso spa again this morning. I was originally to have had two further massages, however Jetstar to the rescue there. Thus, I converted today’s appointment to the same... Continue Reading →

Jetstar cancels

You’ve got to feel for the poor pilots who are having to strike as their salary of around $300,000 is such a struggle. That strike is affecting my return home, which was today cancelled by Jetstar. The hell I knew this nightmare situation was a distinct possibility as it was on the news AFTER I... Continue Reading →

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