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Now turn right

I’m not one for driving much, if it’s longer than 15 minutes I’m well known for reconsidering whether I want to do it. Occasionally I do shock and do a long drive, though only occasionally. Since buying my new BMW I haven’t done a single long drive that necessitated using cruise control, so I had... Continue Reading →

Heated seats

My 12 year old niece flew into Perth for the first time yesterday in a year, our not having seen her due to the state being locked till a month ago due to protect against COVID-19. Typical, my back injury from many years ago also decided to flare up that same morning, but I was... Continue Reading →


A week after first seeing it, I finally got to drive out of the parking lot with the 2017 BMW X1. The engine in this car is turbo diesel, something I’m noticing whenever I accelerate, it definitely responds. After driving home on Friday, I hooked up the mobile hands-free kit to one of the air... Continue Reading →

Only in the country

In 1999, myself and two friends headed down south Western Australia for a several day holiday that would take in quite a few of the sights in Margaret River, the tall trees in Pemberton and Karri Valley, before heading down to Denmark and the tree top walk. We took in quite a bit those few... Continue Reading →

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