Creative Block

As with any recent update to a new operating system, there's always bound to be issues, and macOS Big Sur is no different. Combine this with an upgrade to my Kaspersky Internet Security and Adobe Creative Suite not being ready for the new OS just yet, and it's an interesting melange. Yesterday, one of my... Continue Reading →

Keyboard enhances iPad

I resisted getting a keyboard for my iPad Pro for a long time, and probably would continue to have resisted were I not commenting a Masters degree next year. My desire not to lug around a heavy, bulky laptop inspired the search for keyboard options. Ultimately I was driven towards Apple’s options, the Smart Keyboard... Continue Reading →

“Hey Siri” I never said

Do you have an iPhone, iPad or perhaps HomePod that responds to “Hey Siri”? Or perhaps you’re sitting there and all of a sudden your device just out of the blue starts talking to you without said command. Seems to me that Siri is in need of some tweaking as she’s a tad overly sensitive,... Continue Reading →

Study Smart

Do I buy a new MacBook Pro with M1? Or do I wait and see where Apple takes future releases of their Apple Silicon chips? My current MacBook Pro (late-2016) is still rather zippy, however its storage capacity is somewhat lacking as I only bought the 512GB version. It is tempting to upgrade as the... Continue Reading →

Phablet in your pocket?

It finally arrived yesterday, almost three weeks after my pre-ordering the iPhone 12 Pro Max. I only got a sense for the size of the phone the day before when I decided to open the clear MagSafe case curious to see what it looked like, there’d be little chance my using the phone one handed... Continue Reading →

HomeKit lit

Along with recent purchase of my HomePod Mini I decided to investigate purchase of my first HomeKit device, a smart light, a LIFX Mini White 800 Lumens A60 E27. In adding this first smart light to HomeKit I’ve taken advantage of automations to have HomeKit automatically turn on my bedside lamp when I return home... Continue Reading →

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