iOS 16

It looks like Apple has finally listened to its users with features announced for iOS 16 due later this year. I’m particularly excited by changes announced to the Lock Screen and potential to finally be able change the two buttons for flash and camera, though do love the dimensionality of photos appearing in front of... Continue Reading →

Seeking options

Recently we’ve seen Elon Musk espouse his vision for Twitter, though will this be realised, who knows. I’ve always felt Twitter was its own worst enemy in that it seemed hostile towards third party Twitter App vendors, imposing absurd limitations upon them that don’t apply to its own app. I hoped that were Musk to... Continue Reading →

Just Tabs

Last week I updated 1Password to version 8 on my MacBook Pro, however, obtaining the download from proved more challenging than expected. Having implemented two-factor authentication on my account my login requested the code, I entered the code within the app only to be rejected. What the? Tried again thinking time had expired -... Continue Reading →

Linux upgrades

Every so often our operating systems get an upgrade released, be they minor or full upgrade. Commercial operating systems like Windows and macOS have polished GUI interfaces to support this process, and support upgrading across multiple versions. Then there’s Linux. The past two days I’ve upgraded both Ubuntu and Kali Linux to their latest release... Continue Reading →

Mobile spam needs improving

No matter which platform we use, be it Android or iOS, spam on our mobile devices is an increasing problem. We are all used now to emails flooding it inboxes from spammers, though their methods have become increasingly more advanced to the point added investigation is mandated to ensure sources are validated and content safe... Continue Reading →

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