GIMPing it

It's as well my subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud was set to expire next month as I've truly had my fill of the suite in the past few months. It has always been a staple install on my computer, however with the release of Big Sur things really took a downward turn and Adobe was... Continue Reading →

Edge of Frustration

Recently I had been convinced to swap from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge, the latter apparently better at memory management on the Mac. It worked nicely, that was until I went to sync bookmarks between my various devices. On Sunday, I had decided to rework my bookmarks given I am now studying Cyber Security and... Continue Reading →

Panic Stations

Never have I had a computer experience quite so many problems as I have this Mac mini, and I’ve used Windows PCs just so you know. Since I purchased the mini around 4-5 weeks ago it has experienced several kernel panics each week; I can literally count on one hand the number I’ve experienced over... Continue Reading →

Mouse in the huis

Ever since buying the Mac mini for my Cyber security studies I’ve been sharing the mouse and keyboard with the MacBook Pro, it’s annoying as hell. The need to plug a lightning cable in to swap them around machines just gets all too hard (I jest). So, decided to hit the stores today in search... Continue Reading →

1Password’s 2FA needs work

I’ve used 1password on my iPhone, MacBook Pro and iPad Pro for years now, and generally it is a good password manager. I noticed last week that two-factor authentication was available and decided to enable for that added protection on my passwords. What a mistake that ended up being. The process of adding was simple... Continue Reading →

Time Machine Nirvana

It has only taken me forever to find my Time Machine nirvana, but today I finally seem to have found how to make Time Machine race like a cheetah. Typically, when drives are formatted they're it is as Mac OS Extended (Journaled), however when you use this on more recent releases of macOS which support... Continue Reading →

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