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Last week I updated 1Password to version 8 on my MacBook Pro, however, obtaining the download from 1Password.com proved more challenging than expected. Having implemented two-factor authentication on my account my login requested the code, I entered the code within the app only to be rejected. What the? Tried again thinking time had expired -... Continue Reading →

Linux upgrades

Every so often our operating systems get an upgrade released, be they minor or full upgrade. Commercial operating systems like Windows and macOS have polished GUI interfaces to support this process, and support upgrading across multiple versions. Then there’s Linux. The past two days I’ve upgraded both Ubuntu and Kali Linux to their latest release... Continue Reading →

Mobile spam needs improving

No matter which platform we use, be it Android or iOS, spam on our mobile devices is an increasing problem. We are all used now to emails flooding it inboxes from spammers, though their methods have become increasingly more advanced to the point added investigation is mandated to ensure sources are validated and content safe... Continue Reading →

Everything old is new again

I decided to try Android after frustration with iOS, particularly with autocorrect. Nothing has changed there, however, I have given Google Pixel a go and it too has its sore points for me. I do wonder if i had have invested a few hundred extra for the Samsung Galaxy S series phone whether my experience... Continue Reading →

Firewalls, to your corners!

The frustrations I was having following recent changes to my internet security suites have finally been resolved, dueling firewalls. The built-in firewall with macOS continued to run, whilst the new firewall within McAfee was also attempting to firewall connections on my MacBook Pro. I'm a touch surprised that McAfee as part of its setup never... Continue Reading →

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