Mildly asthmatic

For years doctors have queries whether I was asthmatic, though none had ever tested to see. In late 2018, my left lung collapsed after sustained virus attacks over two months; not my favourite experience, and one I still have effects of. Following the lung’s collapse I had testing to determine asthma, however then it was... Continue Reading →

Welcoming return from hibernation

Today, some businesses in Western Australia returned post-COVID-19 to open their doors, even if only in a limited capacity as some restrictions do still apply. One venue, Dôme café, I and many others have eagerly awaited its return as our home coffee machines just aren’t the same. It’s great bit by bit seeing more and... Continue Reading →

Remembering to move; Stretching

I’ve been working from home now for weeks, with this cane a definite change in how my work day panned out. At work my day would involve occasional meetings, getting up from the desk to make a coffee or to assist members of the office with problems they might be experiencing. Since working from home,... Continue Reading →

Walking off Easter

How was Easter for you? Did you chocolate too excess as I did? I managed three hazelnut Lindt bunnies, two milk chocolate Lindt bunnies and a Ferrero Rocher squirrel, all this in just one week, oh my. I did show at least some restraint in that I didn’t have a single hot cross bun this... Continue Reading →

Zoom for Mental Health

Yesterday, the Australasian Research Management Society (ARMS) ran a Zoom session for members specifically related to COVID-19, mental health and working at home. The session was delivered by Professor Nicholas Procter from the University of South Australia, where he is also Chair in Mental Health Nursing. Professor Procter's session was excellent and informative, providing useful... Continue Reading →


So it begins, I’ve begun my pre-Easter holidays, however my vacation is now to be a staycation courtesy of COVID-19. I’ve just wrapped up my second week working from home, and this week the rest of the office joined me along with a majority of the university I work for; only essential face-to-face roles or... Continue Reading →

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