Solid month’s rain

July has been one wet month here in Perth, in all we’ve had 28 of 31 days rained out, 11 more than usual. We’ve also had quite a few blustery days with winds up to 110km/h, I’ve looked for Todo and those red slippers on a few occasions. I’m seriously hoping August proves a little... Continue Reading →

Professional glossary

As I continue in my Masters of Cyber Security studies, one thing that keeps being reinforced by the lecturing staff is having a professional glossary. There’s be no recommendation, however, about how best to approach such, so we’re left up to our own devices as to how best to approach. As a web developer of... Continue Reading →

Insurer Rip Off

We purchased our first home in mid-2008, just one month before the Global Financial Crisis would hit. Naturally, we wanted and needed to insure our property and contents; we were also required to do so at the moment we signed our home loan, so had little time to hunt for deals. Given little option, we... Continue Reading →

Oh, the money tree

I got up early this morning with the intent I'd work on Week 1 on my unit, rounding things out, well that was the plan. I needed to print some stuff out, however the Mac mini has never connected to the old Canon Pixma MP495, and it seems it never would. You see, Canon doesn't... Continue Reading →

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