Where’s the chocolate?

At lunch I was on my bed performing the physio exercises when my back suddenly made a clicking sound, seconds later my lower left leg from the ankle down began experiencing pins and needles. Within a few minutes that had passed and after a while I was back at my desk working away once more.... Continue Reading →

Meta behaviours

Website MacRumours shares insight into alleged practices of Meta companies Facebook and Instagram when users click links within mobile devices. The inference that the companies have developed a WebKit-based browser that not only tracks you, but can also see that information you’re typing into your browser, including worryingly, passwords and credit cards information. I’d love... Continue Reading →

Just cheat

When commencing studies you’re required to undertake academic integrity awareness training to not only ensure you are aware of what this is, but to also provide the institution with sign off you agree to abide by these principles. I recall when I first began working at a university in the late 1990s one academic started... Continue Reading →

Poorly implemented redesigns

Many of us have been to a website that may have had a reasonable design only to return later on to find they’ve implemented a change and wondered: what were they thinking? Sometimes that redesign might be purely visual, other times functional, then there’s the choice to introduce paid content within the page without really... Continue Reading →

Pixel resale value

Typically when upgrading to a next generation device I’ll list my old device on eBay to recoup some of my cost. Generally, I’ve found with iPhones despite their being two years old when being sold I get over 50% their original purchase cost. In February, I purchased the Google Pixel 6 as I was getting... Continue Reading →

Study holiday

I had a week’s long service this week and nothing planned, other than my official starting of the Graduate Diploma studies. I hadn’t been away for a few years, so I figured why not. I could take one of my laptops and just study whilst away. It ended up being more study and not a... Continue Reading →

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