Sunrise at Burns Beach

And the clock strikes ten

I last undertook studies back in the late 90’s when completing my Bachelor’s in Computer Science, since then just doing the odd micro course, but nothing truly formal of such magnitude. I’d never truly known what I wanted to do after graduating, which direction to take now I was working in web, for I knew... Continue Reading →

Hi-Fibre, Zero Taste

From today I’m on a special diet till Thursday in prep for a medical procedure. They’ve specified foods I must not eat beforehand, and some I am approved to eat, which includes white bread. Typically I buy a dark German Rye bread from my local supermarket, it has this malty flavour to it, especially on... Continue Reading →

Nothing but the froth

Is there anything worse than a crap coffee? Anyone who loves a good coffee will often have a preferred coffee venue or two, having of course tested the waters at several places along the way. Often choice comes down to taste, a venue’s choice of beans will determine people’s preferences. At home, if you’re not... Continue Reading →

Oh why’d I go there?

I stayed behind a little extra at work today to complete some training on Epigeum as things were quiet finally. I left work maybe fifteen minutes later than normal, but chuffed I’d achieved another 100% for one of my attempted modules. I decided on my way home I’d head by the IGA I liked in... Continue Reading →

A Diverse World

Last year (seems strange saying that already!) I watched The Long Way Up on Apple TV+ in which Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman travelled from the bottom of South America on electric motorcycles to Los Angels. It was a great series, featuring not only amazing vistas but also giving you an insight into various cultures... Continue Reading →

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