Well played, Disney. I had held off subscribing to your streaming service till now as I just didn’t feel the need for another. Then, you refuse to release the live action remake of Mulan to cinemas, instead it is only now coming to Disney+ with a Premier Access pass. So, was it worth it. Definitely!... Continue Reading →

Defending Jacob

Just finished watching Chris Evans’ Defending Jacob on Apple TV, certainly one of the best offerings available on the service. It revolves around the murder of a high school student which comes to be blamed upon the son of Evans’ character, who does everything to not help himself throughout the eight episode season. The first... Continue Reading →

Difficulty level: Please be kind!

I’m not kidding, I chose easy. This morning i re-initialised my PlayStation 4 after having forgotten the account password and the former email account now gone I was left with now option. Several hours later, a cleaned console I downloaded what I thought was a game from PlayStation network, my first time ever doing so... Continue Reading →

The Invisible Man (2020)

A friend and I took in the a late opening night screening of Elisabeth Moss’ remake of The Invisible Man. Prior to our deciding I checked out Rotten Tomatoes for a rating, I was quite assured I was going to see something good when the cynics, sorry I mean critics leave it a 90%+ rating.... Continue Reading →

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