GOT returns

We’ve lost almost two hundred years, but gained ourselves a prequel to the original Game of Thrones series that finished a few years ago that will explore House Targaryen. It will be interesting to see where this series ends up, with original heir to the throne cast aside in favour for the daughter and how... Continue Reading →

Apple Podcasts

Stop. Play. Stop again. Play. Stop again. Play. Stop again. Arrrgh, Apple, I just wish to listen to my music podcasts, but you deny my a constant stream of late. The Apple Podcast app for some reason this past week seems to be running in a shared 56k modem, worldwide. I tried to get around... Continue Reading →

Nordic Noir

With the break between courses I have binge watched shows on various services like never before, including more recently our SBS On Demand, a free service here in Australia featuring many foreign language offerings. A friend at work told me if several Nordic noir programs she and her husband had enjoyed, including Beforeigners and The... Continue Reading →

Movie etiquette

For the first time in ages I went to see a movie in a more popular time slot, and regretted doing so. Typically I would go during my Friday afternoons off, when people are still at work and few choose to watch a movie, otherwise early on Saturday mornings also seem quieter too. Today, Sunday,... Continue Reading →


Recommended by a colleague, Norwegian drama Beforeigners is quite an interesting play on countries having to deal with an influx of people, however, not from countries ravaged by war or fleeing persecution, rather people appear from times in the past as flashes in the water. Set in the Norwegian capital Oslo and their police department,... Continue Reading →

Netflix ads

It seems the streaming darling of ole, Netflix, is facing a bit too much competition of late and is starting to lose subscribers. That, and apparently people sharing their accounts with friends and family is impacting revenue growth resulting in a large hit to their share price. There had already been suggestion that Netflix was... Continue Reading →

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