Forget, me, I’m hoping not

Heaven help me, I just don’t seem capable to remembering to take my Staff ID card out of a jacket pocket and put it back into my back or wallet. About six weeks ago I thought it had fallen out of a pocket when leaving work, I only discovered this of course on Monday the following week when fishing through my bag when heading off to work. I searched everywhere, except one jacket it would seem, the jacket that contained said ID card. I was forced to drive to work, wait for someone to let me in, then get the old one cancelled and a new ID created; two days later when I went to wear that jacket again, bam, old ID found, ugh.

On Tuesday, one of my on-campus days, I wore this same jacket again. Are you seeing a pattern yet? It happened again, only this time I knew I’d put the ID in the pocket, so no need to cancel anything. Thursday, my next on-campus day, I went to fish the ID from my wallet, it wasn’t there and it would take 30 minutes to round trip home back to work, so it just wasn’t feasible. So, again I needed to wait to be let in and this time just borrow a visitor ID pass for the day.

That evening I decided there needed to be a different way of doing things, surely. So, I decided I should get myself a wallet-style mobile case so my Staff ID can permanently reside within, but which case as I needed one for my iPhone 12 Pro Max that is MagSafe compatible. I spent all evening scouring the web for possible cases, it wasn’t as easy as I might have thought, if I was happy to forgo the MagSafe compatibility there was a million+1 cases available, but adding this requirement considerably limited options.

Also limiting options too was the fact I wasn’t prepared to just accept any cruddy looking case and wanted to take into account people’s reviews, what was their experience using it as I didn’t want to fork out the cash only to end up with something that was awful to use. With previous iPhones I have used UAG cases and was particularly happy with their look and protection offered, and last night almost purchased the UAG Metropolis Folio case until I got to the point of paying and they wanted me to pay 150% the cost of the case for postage, we’re talking about an item that’s maybe 50-100 grams and they wanted me to pay $55, oh hell no. I am actually glad I backed out at this point as I hadn’t looked at a video review of the case at that point, stupidly, which highlighted getting at cards in this case was not easy hence not recommended.

After work today I again hit the internet to continue my search. I almost purchased an iPhone 14 Pro but for the fact there’s none for purchase in my state currently, so saved myself $2000 haha. So, I decided to continue with purchasing the case instead (LOL), going with the Otterbox MagSafe Folio case. One thing I particularly liked about this case is that it has a magnetic clip that the UAG case lacked, it also had free shipping!

Otterbox MagSafe Folio Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

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