Ever since my early twenties I’ve had issues with sleep, with doctors using a variety of methods to assist, including diet and exercise to little avail. Recently, I bought Apple’s latest release Apple Watch, the series 8, for its sleep tracking abilities. For the past month I’ve been tracking sleep with the Watch and utilising... Continue Reading →

No cards wallet

After upgrading to the latest iPhone 14 Pro yesterday I had a few hassles, hiccups maybe, but I’ve not experienced one such as I’d had this morning when I went to pay for a new case and replace the screen protector on the old phone - the cards in my digital wallet in iOS 16.1... Continue Reading →

An Apple a day

So, I relented and upgraded today from the iPhone 12 Pro Max to the iPhone 14 Pro, electing to go with a smaller phone both because it was available and because I felt I could cope with the smaller form factor. What a frustrating upgrade! When I last upgraded it went particularly smoothly, only delayed... Continue Reading →

Forget, me, I’m hoping not

Heaven help me, I just don't seem capable to remembering to take my Staff ID card out of a jacket pocket and put it back into my back or wallet. About six weeks ago I thought it had fallen out of a pocket when leaving work, I only discovered this of course on Monday the... Continue Reading →

Profits before users

Recently in Australia our second largest telco, Optus, was subject to a major hack in which the data of over 10 million of its customers was stolen by hackers and ransom demanded to prevent its sale on the dark web. It has been reported the company has several years ago complained that the cost of... Continue Reading →

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