A few weeks ago a 15 year old back injury decided to flare up again, and is continuing to affect me as I write this almost three weeks on. In the past it would only affect me around the anniversary of the injury’s occurrence for several days, for some reason not this time. The pain... Continue Reading →

Meta behaviours

Website MacRumours shares insight into alleged practices of Meta companies Facebook and Instagram when users click links within mobile devices. The inference that the companies have developed a WebKit-based browser that not only tracks you, but can also see that information you’re typing into your browser, including worryingly, passwords and credit cards information. I’d love... Continue Reading →

iOS 16 public beta 3

Impatience must truly be my middle name asi jump heading into the public beta release of iOS 16. Weeks away from its likely release, I figured I was likely safe to now install and tolerate a few niggling bugs here and there. One feature I particularly like with iOS 16 is the retooled Lock Screen.... Continue Reading →

Just cheat

When commencing studies you’re required to undertake academic integrity awareness training to not only ensure you are aware of what this is, but to also provide the institution with sign off you agree to abide by these principles. I recall when I first began working at a university in the late 1990s one academic started... Continue Reading →

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