Seeking options

Recently we’ve seen Elon Musk espouse his vision for Twitter, though will this be realised, who knows. I’ve always felt Twitter was its own worst enemy in that it seemed hostile towards third party Twitter App vendors, imposing absurd limitations upon them that don’t apply to its own app. I hoped that were Musk to... Continue Reading →

The time is now

In late March 1996, Martin Bryant forever changed the Australian landscape when he went to the historic Port Arthur site in Tasmania and with his automatic rifle killed 35 people. No matter where you were in Australia you felt the horror of their loss. Ultimately this horrific event led to change in gun ownership laws... Continue Reading →

Hoping for change

Today Australia votes for who it wishes to govern the nation. The Liberal / National coalition has governed several terms now and steered us through a difficult few years with the pandemic, however, I feel is looking tired. Though I more commonly vote for the Liberal party I wouldn’t say I’m aligned to them. I... Continue Reading →

Vegan pizza

I used to love pizza, growing up a Hawaiian pizza was always a favourite go to fast food item. Then, two years ago this September I overnight became lactose intolerant, suddenly all those dairy-based items I’d consumed on a daily basis became a definite no go zone, including pizza. It has taken so long for... Continue Reading →

The corporate shave

So I have a slight sweet tooth (a lie, it’s huge) and hit the local supermarket for the latest choc quick fix. I hit the chocolate aisle and was greeted by Cadbury’s latest attempt to con us into paying the same for less, something that vendors have been doing across multiple product lines for years.... Continue Reading →

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