Everything old is new again

I decided to try Android after frustration with iOS, particularly with autocorrect. Nothing has changed there, however, I have given Google Pixel a go and it too has its sore points for me. I do wonder if i had have invested a few hundred extra for the Samsung Galaxy S series phone whether my experience... Continue Reading →

Reviewing research

This year I've been helping out another colleague by reviewing research outputs submitted to our systems. Initially, I was just reviewing journal articles from a variety of fields, however, last week was asked to begin reviewing book chapters which we needed to clear a backlog of for the university's future major research review submission, ERA.... Continue Reading →

Firewalls, to your corners!

The frustrations I was having following recent changes to my internet security suites have finally been resolved, dueling firewalls. The built-in firewall with macOS continued to run, whilst the new firewall within McAfee was also attempting to firewall connections on my MacBook Pro. I'm a touch surprised that McAfee as part of its setup never... Continue Reading →

The good and the annoying

The day started with great news, a letter from my university advising I had completed my Graduate Diploma studies. I have been waiting for this to come through as well as my grades sheet so I could apply to another university to undertake a second Graduate Diploma. Anxious to get things underway and apply I... Continue Reading →

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