Mask off

It’s been months since we were mandated to wear masks in Western Australia as result of COVID-19 coming to the state, for me this has meant having to work from home as I struggled to breathe when wearing for long periods, the humid air resulting in regular colds. Finally this week the government has decided... Continue Reading →

Netflix ads

It seems the streaming darling of ole, Netflix, is facing a bit too much competition of late and is starting to lose subscribers. That, and apparently people sharing their accounts with friends and family is impacting revenue growth resulting in a large hit to their share price. There had already been suggestion that Netflix was... Continue Reading →

Mobile spam needs improving

No matter which platform we use, be it Android or iOS, spam on our mobile devices is an increasing problem. We are all used now to emails flooding it inboxes from spammers, though their methods have become increasingly more advanced to the point added investigation is mandated to ensure sources are validated and content safe... Continue Reading →

Now turn right

I’m not one for driving much, if it’s longer than 15 minutes I’m well known for reconsidering whether I want to do it. Occasionally I do shock and do a long drive, though only occasionally. Since buying my new BMW I haven’t done a single long drive that necessitated using cruise control, so I had... Continue Reading →

Heated seats

My 12 year old niece flew into Perth for the first time yesterday in a year, our not having seen her due to the state being locked till a month ago due to protect against COVID-19. Typical, my back injury from many years ago also decided to flare up that same morning, but I was... Continue Reading →

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