Customer relations experience

How do you approach customers when responding to enquires? Professionally I’d hope, and respectfully too. But do you talk down to them, dumb it down almost to child-like level that it feels belittling? That was the experiencing i just had with one company where I honestly felt like I was being told I was dumb.... Continue Reading →

G? Why?

When buying my Google Pixel last month I also got one of Google’s standard cases to protect the phone. It is nothing to write home about to be sure but gets the job done. I was surfing the web the other day when I saw a Pixel case from Belroy, a brand I was familiar... Continue Reading →

Switching benefits

Recently I identified my desire to move away from a Russian-owned internet security suite given the Ukraine invasion. That of course necessitated finding myself a suitable replacement for something is been quite happy with for years. I trialled BitDefender, however, found its VPN software was quite sub-par, having to make a number of exception rules... Continue Reading →

Overly notified?!

With swapping to Android recently all notification settings I'd enjoyed on iOS vaporised and I was back to square one once more. Now, I blinked, apps would notify if someone opened their car doors, I really didn't care. Today, I went to get something at the shops, no sooner had I started the car and... Continue Reading →

Security says ‘No’

The events in Ukraine can hardly be missed, they got home when our colleague reminded us his wife came from there and family remained in Odessa. Like many, I hope the what's occurring there ends very soon so those poor people can stop living in fear and having to flee their homes, if indeed they... Continue Reading →

Buggy screen brightness

Google, I wonder if you might fix an annoying bug on the Pixel, automatic Screen Brightness. Unlike when using the iPhone where the screen brightness will generally remain relatively stable, on the Pixel it jumps annoyingly all over the place, from barely readable to normal. I got sick of the situation last week and turned... Continue Reading →

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