Pixel it is

Today, after growing frustration with iOS, I made the decision to go Android and buy the Google Pixel 6. I've not had that much exposure to Android, in fact my last real interaction was when my housemate had a Samsung Galaxy SE and asked new to help with removing roaming as she was heading to... Continue Reading →

Thinking of

My growing frustration with iOS almost saw me head out this morning and get a Google Pixel 6/6 Pro or Samsung S21. Issues with autocorrect on the iPhone have made using it now far less enjoyable, common English can often be rejected as unknown, yet known at other times, their system is substantially broken. So... Continue Reading →


A week after first seeing it, I finally got to drive out of the parking lot with the 2017 BMW X1. The engine in this car is turbo diesel, something I’m noticing whenever I accelerate, it definitely responds. After driving home on Friday, I hooked up the mobile hands-free kit to one of the air... Continue Reading →

Slow Safari

With the introduction of iOS 15 came new features to protect users privacy. Sadly, these features are still in beta and I’ve found them less than stellar, turning them off as they often significantly slow traffic more than they ought. Despite turning these features off performance of Safari has continued to be affected in iOS... Continue Reading →

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