Happy 2022

This year has seen quite a bit of change for me with the return to full time study whilst combining full time work, the load has certainly been full-on at times. At times the stress has impacted, I even broke out briefly with a stress-induced form of eczema on fingers on my right hand, thankfully... Continue Reading →

SMS Spam

Is there anything more annoying than spam? I think yes, it’s those websites that take our personal information and on-sell this for their financial benefit to our detriment. Often it is difficult to ascertain whether a website is indeed trustworthy, is their stated Privacy Policy just for show or are they planning to abide by... Continue Reading →


It’s been a long year, 9 months studying and working full-time now and my candle is well and truly burned at both ends. I’ve felt it particularly with this unit, Digital Forensics, as it’s been full-on, plenty to read, watch, write, investigate, more writing, revising, more writing, rinse and repeat. I’ve found myself just needing... Continue Reading →

Struggles with mini

Last week I decided to exchange my credit card points for another HomePod mini, this one for my work desk where the one I bought last year sits in my bedroom and is now booming wonderfully when I play titles from one of my AppleTV units. Perhaps I had forgotten difficulty with which I connected... Continue Reading →

On the flip side

As a kid I spent the first few years of my life growing up in Sydney on Australia’s east coast. We left when I was around four years old, and returned briefly, before ultimately deciding Perth on the west coast was for us. Though I’ve visited Sydney to see relatives and as a tourist in... Continue Reading →

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