Thanks for the memories

For those have lost, you know what I mean. To be reminded can be unwanted at times, especially when the insertion is uncontrollable and sometimes at an inconvenient time. It was my little brother’s 37th birthday mid-November, however, we lost him to suicide in April 2017. Since then, we have of course had Facebook periodically... Continue Reading →

Only in the country

In 1999, myself and two friends headed down south Western Australia for a several day holiday that would take in quite a few of the sights in Margaret River, the tall trees in Pemberton and Karri Valley, before heading down to Denmark and the tree top walk. We took in quite a bit those few... Continue Reading →

Crash! Do not pass Go!

After returning to work recently following leave my Mac had issues with staying connected, and Outlook just wouldn’t stop locking up, things weren’t looking good. I updated to macOS Monterey, however, this didn’t resolve my networking issues any and I was forced to call in the IT staff as I didn’t have sufficient rights to... Continue Reading →

Selling up: Part 2

I’m not sure what things are like in your part of the world, but here in Australia there’s a service called Gumtree I’ve avoided after initial poor experiences. Not because of the site itself, but because of those who frequent it. Basically, you advertise on it for a given price, they then all will you... Continue Reading →

Selling up

When I bought the MacBook Pro M1 back in June 2021 I held out in hopes Apple might announce the M1 Pro that didn’t come till months later. Sadly, I had a late-2016 MacBook Pro on life support, battery just not working, and I needed a new machine, waiting wasn’t an option. So, a temporary... Continue Reading →

Initials on 16 MBPro M1 Pro

Migration yesterday from my 13 inch MacBook M1 to the new 16 inch baseline MacBook Pro M1 Pro took around two hours using Migration Assistant via peer-to-peer networking. Sadly, this didn’t work 100 percent, two apps I’d used on the old machine refused to work, Intel apps, so I attribute this to Rosetta 2 not... Continue Reading →

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