Tearing strips

I finally gave up, after weeks of increasing discomfort with my right arm, I booked in to see my physiotherapist to get some relief. He confirmed I had injured myself at work, stupidly, when on the stairs, and had developed bursitis and a rotator cuff injury. After deep tissue massage he tapped me up with... Continue Reading →

You look stressed

Six weeks ago, I think, I injured my right arm when I mistook being on the final step but was one short. I quickly grabbed the rail and just laughed it off, telling myself off for being such a nob. Little did I know at the time that I had just injured my arm, though... Continue Reading →

Solid month’s rain

July has been one wet month here in Perth, in all we’ve had 28 of 31 days rained out, 11 more than usual. We’ve also had quite a few blustery days with winds up to 110km/h, I’ve looked for Todo and those red slippers on a few occasions. I’m seriously hoping August proves a little... Continue Reading →

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