One hundred for final assessment today

You’ve ‘still’ got mail

Several years ago I swapped my Gmail account away from Apple’s mail programs on iOS, but more particularly macOS as the latter was just doing weird things with this mail platform. I swapped to Microsoft Outlook and thought all was going well, until they too made changes recently. Now, i am none too sure whether... Continue Reading →


I’m just shocking with digital books, I buy them, start reading and promptly forget they’re there. Perhaps it’s the lack of physicality, the lack of physical cue to remind me I bought something I wanted to read. I like the idea of digital books and bookshelves as I don’t need to physically store yet another... Continue Reading →

Curse of a million swipes

When Apple replaced the home button on the iPhone with a software equivalent we doubtless rejoiced. The old home buttons were prone to failure with frequent use, thus their software equivalents with no physical parts could only be better, right? Generally, yes. Sometimes, no. We gained a little extra screen realestate with the button’s disappearance,... Continue Reading →

Being timely; how might I?

I planned my latest assessment submission ahead of time in readiness to shoot the video and hopefully require little editing. How full of dream I was! The unedited video exceeded 40 minutes, with sections that were captured but automatically set as cut (video paused but keeps recording); my submission must be below 10 minutes. After... Continue Reading →

Just turn it off

Oh the frustration of using an Azure Labs virtual environment. Firstly, it takes about five minutes to spin up your environment before you can begin remoting to your space. Then, it’s slower than a wet week and your virtual machines run in Windows that are clearly based upon vga monitors; yuck! I have been working... Continue Reading →

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